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We all have them.

November 30, 2019: I have the best of intentions but doggonit when you're working on four projects at once even the best of intentions can fall out of a speeding car.

Mission Statement

To make sense out of the ludicrous.

Writing, Editing, Research, Film

News and Notes

New on 11/30/19: Okay, you didn't ask for it, but here it is anyway. Since I got home from Crete, I got a job, signed with a talent agency, got a part in a play and a role in a short film -- with my aunt! I was going to turn the film down if she didn't get the role. Yeah, all that! The job is part-time, as a tour guide at the State Capitol. Perfect job for an actress historian! I start 12/9 and will let you know how it goes. Be sure to book your tour and ask for me! Just survived Thanksgiving, boy, that's the last time we make that much food for just the two of us! Our daughter came the next day but wouldn't eat leftovers. Rats! Oh, but she did take us to an Effigy Mounds site I didn't know existed, in a little town called Whitewater. Supposed to have a really nice campus, but I was not impressed with the town overall. Sorry Kumerow!  We took Carrie to Truk't, Beloit's Taco & Marguerita bar just as the streets were getting warmed up for the Santa parade. Honestly, Beloit knows how to do stuff! My part in a play is also in Beloit - I play a 97 year old - yes, a part I can sink my gums into! And the way my teeth are going, that might be all I have left by then! The short film is on Dementia, and since my aunt's mom had Alzheimer's I don't think she could have cast two better people for the roles. My projects? Just started a new nonfiction, tracing the history of the Republican party to answer a very specific question. Also finally editing my Pensaukee book and editing Journal of an Undead: of gods and friends and also still working on transcriptions for Beloit Library. OH! Let me give a big shout-out of thanks to the people who helped me  the job - Peter Stark, Marie Tonnon and especially her daughter Anne for the idea to apply at the Capitol. I never would have thought of it. As for Milwaukee Talent Network - wow! They remembered me from a previous (voiceless) audition, had me come in and read a couple scripts, and I just blew them away. Well, I was very proud of me, anyway.


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Monette Bebow-Reinhard

Cover Teaser


Adam Reinhard is going to create a great cover for my next novel, Journal of an Undead, out of a photo similar to this. If you need a great cover artist, contact him at adamvreinhard@gmail.com

Introduces Moving Pictures


I do a lot of filming, videos, making a documentary, writing movie scripts, so I guess Moving Pictures for me means a little of all of this. I snagged a role in a major local film, and my role as crazy cat lady will film in Feb.

Working on Resource Manuals


There will be around 20 of them, one for each area that's large enough for a book. Wisconsin will have its own, as will Illinois and Michigan. Other states will be combined by area.

Past Updates

11/11/19: In honor of veterans I posted on FB about how all veterans need to write their stories, or find a family member to tell them to. My book, Civil War & Bloody Peace: following orders is about a great uncle and his journal was never found. To find out where he went and why took me 20 years and a master's degree. Don't let that happen in your family.  We can learn so much about our government from their stories. This week is crazy! On Wednesday I'm getting my hair cut, going to a job interview, going to a modeling interview - and with any luck I'll also get to audition for a play that night. Then the next day I have a talent audition in Milwaukee for the same group I auditioned for a casino commercial, but didn't get. They want me back! Very exciting. I also finished a great new edit of Archaeology of the Dead, and can envision me writing a series of novels where people have past life remembrances that affect their current lives. I'm going to try and update some of the chapter reads posted here. But remember, you can download a kindle sample and try before you buy! UPDATE: I had to delete the Media Press Kit. For some odd reason the PDF is turning out right. I may need help.

8/29/19: See below for a copy of Hannon's Belgian Booyah, just in time for the football party season.  Also NOW AVAILABLE on the CAMD tab, the Updated Wittry typology, free to download. Next one will come out the end of the year.


 I am a professional proofreader/editor with years of experience. If your novel is as good as you can make it, but you're not comfortable with your sentence structure, spelling grammar, punctuation, metaphors and similes, and the like, send it to me. I will edit the first 10% of your book FREE so you can see if I do what you want.  After that, the editing will only cost you $1 a page. I'm cheap because I enjoy it.