Daily Moments


We all have them.

September 19, 2019: Got another paid acting gig. Sure do enjoy them! Not the one I mentioned on the 5th because I really blew that one. We all have days like that, right?

Mission Statement

To make sense out of the ludicrous.

Writing, Editing, Research, Film

News and Notes

New on  9/19/19: Yup, traded in the Beetle and the Niro and got a 2019 Honda Insight. A great little car, reminiscent of the one I had for 11 years. First day driving it gave me 63 mpg.  We even got a few bucks to put in the bank. Saving money on insurance, and license, too. My acting gig is for a training video. I play an older worker who's been missing work too much. I'm expecting the script soon. Had to sign forms. Still hoping for a job in the Beloit area, signed up with a new temp agency that focuses on accounting jobs, she helped me craft my resume to bring out these skills. Leaving for CRETE on Tuesday! The Universe is telling me to GO while throwing roadblocks in my path. But if I don't go now, I never will. I know me too well.


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Monette Bebow-Reinhard

Big audition coming Sept. 6


I created a professional resume, finally, to use for these auditions. 44 performances since high school. I guess that's not too bad, considering all the other things I've gotten, like a master's in history. And three kids.

Introduces Moving Pictures


I don't know what I mean by "moving pictures.' I mean, I've been more into making my documentary and auditioning for various things. I even was an extra in a music video. And I write scripts. So maybe I mean all of this?

Working on Resource Manuals


There will be around 20 of them, one for each area that's large enough for a book. Wisconsin will have its own, as will Illinois and Michigan. Other states will be combined by area.

Past Updates

8/29/19: See below for a copy of Hannon's Belgian Booyah, just in time for the football party season.  Also NOW AVAILABLE on the CAMD tab, the Updated Wittry typology, free to download. Next one will come out the end of the year.

8/15/19: Special Buy until September 10th! You can get a paperback copy of Civil War & Bloody Peace out of my author stock for only $10 plus $4 shipping - US postage only, sorry (International postage is as high as $24). 

8/9/19:  You can now get either a Kindle or Paperback copy of Civil War and Bloody Peace: following orders at this link:  https://tinyurl.com/y2ludt5l


 I am a professional proofreader/editor with years of experience. If your novel is as good as you can make it, but you're not comfortable with your sentence structure, spelling grammar, punctuation, metaphors and similes, and the like, send it to me. I will edit the first 10% of your book FREE so you can see if I do what you want.  After that, the editing will only cost you $1 a page. I'm cheap because I enjoy it.