Daily Moments


We all have them.

October 11, 2019: Ever been in an airport at midnight? It's spooky quiet, and the mice come out to play.

Mission Statement

To make sense out of the ludicrous.

Writing, Editing, Research, Film

News and Notes

New on  10/11/19: Back from Crete and will use the above to highlight some experiences there through the end of this year. It was the trip of a lifetime, one I'll never again see repeated, and I sure did use every opportunity I had. One was to create a cover for Journal of an Undead, and I think it'll be great. I do have a publisher interested in it, so I hope they'll use the cover Adam Reinhard will created out of a photo I took. He said he can turn it into a painting. The photo, taken at a place where the main characters in the book met, describes an instigating moment that led to undeath. Pretty cool, no? Anyway, now I'm back from the 2-week trip but don't really feel back, you know? There's something about traveling alone to a foreign country that changes you. Yes, life goes on. I filmed that training video yesterday and it feels like it went well. My savings can sure use the money! I got a request for a transcription quote, so hope I can snag that project. And tonight is my first book signing for Civil War & Bloody Peace, so fingers crossed I sell a few. Initial reviews have been good!


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Monette Bebow-Reinhard

Cover Teaser


Adam Reinhard is going to create a great cover for my next novel, Journal of an Undead, out of a photo similar to this. If you need a great cover artist, contact him at adamvreinhard@gmail.com

Introduces Moving Pictures


I do a lot of filming, videos, making a documentary, writing movie scripts, so I guess Moving Pictures for me means a little of all of this. I snagged a role in a major local film, and my role as crazy cat lady will film in Feb.

Working on Resource Manuals


There will be around 20 of them, one for each area that's large enough for a book. Wisconsin will have its own, as will Illinois and Michigan. Other states will be combined by area.

Past Updates

8/29/19: See below for a copy of Hannon's Belgian Booyah, just in time for the football party season.  Also NOW AVAILABLE on the CAMD tab, the Updated Wittry typology, free to download. Next one will come out the end of the year.


 I am a professional proofreader/editor with years of experience. If your novel is as good as you can make it, but you're not comfortable with your sentence structure, spelling grammar, punctuation, metaphors and similes, and the like, send it to me. I will edit the first 10% of your book FREE so you can see if I do what you want.  After that, the editing will only cost you $1 a page. I'm cheap because I enjoy it.