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What's the logo mean?

To understand my logo - - It's a book, both writing and reading for me, I'm always doing one or the other - it's the pen for writing, for making notes - I actually do a better job with hand writing or hand editing than I do on the computer. But also the feather pen indicates historical, that's not the kind of inkwell pen we use anymore, but I'm a historian, and this indicates that. And then if you can see the glasses, because for some reason the glasses don't seem to show up above, they indicate intensity. Vision. The need to see the truth, and to report it.

Mission Statement

As a historian, to find the people and attitudes that created historical events.

Writing, Editing, Research, Film

News and Notes

New on 5/8/19: Added to "Nonfiction, the "Civil War & Bloody Peace" Introduction. See for yourself if this book might appeal to you. I have begun editing the text, and I also sent pieces of this book out to get the permission for one very important photo. Fingers crossed!

5/6/19: New blog on signing contracts for writers. More on the journey with CWBP under nonfiction.

4-30-19: Note the new Wittry is available under CAMD. 

4/28/19: I have made the monumental decision to self-publish my major nonfiction "Civil War and Bloody Peace: Following Orders." See the nonfiction tab so you can follow this journey and get tips on how its done.

My newest release


This novel was created as a series of short stories that I then found ways to combine into an adventurous read. Very historically center on the life and experiences of half-breeds in the 1800s, Boone Tyler tries to live in the white world as his mother wanted, but he gradually comes to see what being a Kiowa means.

My Copper Research


This map recognizes the vast route that was used for trading through the Americas in the pre-contact period here. It indicates also where most of the copper artifacts have turned up. Newest finds are in Idaho! Watch for more on this in the June Copper Newsletter.


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Monette Bebow-Reinhard

Appearing in Inherit the Wind


Janesville Performing Arts Center, performances in October, 2018, and yes, as a guy! I'm hoping to convince director to let me wear hat and moustache.

Introduces Moving Pictures


After seeing myself as simply a fiction writer for so many years, I'm now focusing on scripts, and getting into film. I also see my copper database as "moving pictures" because my goal is to track a major trade network with these pieces. Hoping to get some movement with movie scripts!

Working on a Copper Documentary


See several rough video drafts at YouTube. Here's the first one: 

Past Updates

11/24/18: The new Wittry Updated Typology is now available.  Here is the link to the radio show I was in - War of the Worlds. And with this, I have now done it all--TV, movie, stage, commercials, and radio! All that's left now is to crank out my documentary and get my podcast up and running. I'm working on copper In IL with a couple quick trips to the south. I added the War of the Worlds radio broadcast as a link on the film page.

10/22/18: FINALLY! The blog on the podcast is now available. Read the 20 questions, try to figure out which five I'll ask after I read your novel, and sign up! Yeah, I know it's been awhile. I was in a play, and other particulars. Why am I more busy now that I'm retired? Next up, I'm in the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. I'll post info when I have it.

9/2/18: I have made some updates to the "novels" section, removing unpublished novels as they've undergone new edits. And the BIG news is that I will be taking back Adventures in Death & Romance to make the changes it needs to be re-released as Journal of an Undead: Love Stories. This doesn't mean Adventures is a bad read--not at all. But I think having the title "Vrykolakas Tales" hasn't done it any good, and I'm taken advantage of this chance to make it a little closer in tone to the other two novels of Arabus Drake. 

8/2/18: This is not a good trend, only every other week in my retirement here? I'll have to make a weekly appointment. For Senator Dave Hansen and others interested, here's a link to STATE PLATE: WISCONSIN with our booyah feature. Still want it as our state soup, but got to get a party going here in Beloit first, so people love it outside of Green Bay! (Had to remove the Booyah PDF file though, more on that later.) Oh, and for my copper friends who wonder why I'm not longer on the copper FB page, it's because the moderator there got mad I wouldn't give her complete access to my CAMD, a collection worth well over $6,000.00.

6/25/18: Retired as of tomorrow! Watch this website explode! I have a new link to share, this one is on an interview I did on my novel "Saving Boone." I chatted with a Native American Indian on it and he thanked me for not using "Half-Breed" on the cover, but this is a historical novel and it is about the "half-breed" experience. Give it a try.  The link to learn more is  Also the new CAN on the CAMD is available so email for a copy of that, and I just finished a great new edit of my script Graveyard, which is now in the hands of a publisher who first requested it back in February and liked the new pitch. I'm getting soooo much information on what created the assassination environment of the 60s, too. Amazes me we never saw these things before.

6/20/18: See me having some fun with the various myths of the vampire at as a guest blog. And don't miss the other exciting links and free downloads, below. NEW "Copper Artifact News" coming on 6/23! 

6/13/18: New links to share! Here's my adapted novel script under contract: - in case you're in the market for an interesting and unusual historical movie project.  Also I am honored to share this link for any interested in copper artifacts and the CAMD: - this one is on my research of the Serpent Mound in Ohio. And the new issue of the newsletter is coming along nicely - if you're not a subscriber yet, contact me! It's scheduled to go out on 6/23. 

6/10/18:  Whether you hate what I'm doing or agree with it, please take a moment to read my research blog on the killing of RFK. I've been asleep for the last 50 years--maybe afraid of knowing the truth. I don't think we can afford to be afraid anymore.  

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 I am a professional proofreader/editor with years of experience. If your novel is as good as you can make it, but you're not comfortable with your sentence structure, spelling grammar, punctuation, metaphors and similes, and the like, send it to me. I will edit the first 10% of your book FREE so you can see if I do what you want.  After that, the editing will only cost you $1 a page. I'm cheap because I enjoy it. 

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