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We all have them.

July 18, 2019: You ever have one of those days where things just seem to fall into place. Yeah, me neither. But the last day of my trip I actually hit five museums. I think that's a record for me.

Mission Statement

To make sense out of the ludicrous.

Writing, Editing, Research, Film

News and Notes

New on 7/18/19: I had to do it. I had no choice. I'd been planning it for month. Then my husband got a bad cold with a worse cough and I told him, if anything happens, don't call me, call one of our relatives. I can't come back. Sure enough, they put him in the hospital to make sure he didn't have pneumonia, found out he had too much fluid in the lungs and had to cut salt out of his diet. But our daughter stayed with him for a few days, and I was only gone for 5. But what a trip!  Down into Missouri to research my new archaeology novel and gather copper from places I've been trying to get into for years. Found some great stuff, and today, a copper article about wrote itself. And then there's my new blog, be sure to check that out. I got into trouble enough for it on Facebook. Adversity can be stimulating. Like how I had to work that much harder to prove the trip to be worthwhile.


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Monette Bebow-Reinhard

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater


I will be auditioning this month! It's something I've always wanted to try, and it pays! Fingers crossed.

Introduces Moving Pictures


I don't know what I mean by "moving pictures.' I mean, I've been more into making my documentary and auditioning for various things. I even was an extra in a music video. And I write scripts. So maybe I mean all of this?

Working on Resource Manuals


There will be around 20 of them, one for each area that's large enough for a book. Wisconsin will have its own, as will Illinois and Michigan. Other states will be combined by area.

Past Updates

New on 6/29/19: This is now where you're going to see daily updates. I'm not putting them at Facebook until further notice. I posted a link to the news from yesterday and didn't get a single comment or like. For that reason alone, I don't feel like posting there anymore. Today was a GREAT day for a bike ride. Oh, yeah, it was "soupy" muggy - that's what the weatherman said. But I went early enough and hit the farmer's market. A big spider hitched a ride with me but he was terrified. As soon as I stopped, he looked for a way to get off. Today I got the Copper Artifact Newsletter June edition out, so if you want a copy just ask! I'm doing a video audition for a movie role - fingers crossed! Nubi, our Siamese cat, disappeared for a day but came back. I think he was mad at us for being gone to Seattle.

6/28/19: DO NOT purchase Saving Boone: Legend of the Half-White Son. I am now a member of Authors Guild, and they are checking to see if the contract can be broken. Even if it can't, I don't want them making another penny on either of my books, so don't buy Grimm's American either. Get a print copy from me.. I have also become a member at Academia.edu where I will be posting some copper articles in advance of my resource manuals. And finally, with this summer's publication of Civil War & Bloody Peace, I will join Western Writers of America, hopefully as a full member. SEE MY NEW BLOG - it answers the question, would the Beatles still have become big if Kennedy hadn't died? I also have a new video posted at YouTube, as I have been pegged as the host for a new video series on history and archaeology.  This is my rehearsal video for our pilot episode at Fort Winnebago. More details coming as I have them. See it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bELTePzdrp4&t=43s

5/8/19: Added to "Nonfiction, the "Civil War & Bloody Peace" Introduction. See for yourself if this book might appeal to you. I have begun editing the text, and I also sent pieces of this book out to get the permission for one very important photo. Fingers crossed

4-30-19: Note the new Wittry is available under CAMD. 

4/28/19: I have made the monumental decision to self-publish my major nonfiction "Civil War and Bloody Peace: Following Orders." See the nonfiction tab so you can follow this journey and get tips on how its done.

8/2/18: This is not a good trend, only every other week in my retirement here? I'll have to make a weekly appointment. For Senator Dave Hansen and others interested, here's a link to STATE PLATE: WISCONSIN with our booyah feature. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pl7A1RGO3w&t=182s. Still want it as our state soup, but got to get a party going here in Beloit first, so people love it outside of Green Bay! (Had to remove the Booyah PDF file though, more on that later.) Oh, and for my copper friends who wonder why I'm not longer on the copper FB page, it's because the moderator there got mad I wouldn't give her complete access to my CAMD, a collection worth well over $6,000.00.

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 I am a professional proofreader/editor with years of experience. If your novel is as good as you can make it, but you're not comfortable with your sentence structure, spelling grammar, punctuation, metaphors and similes, and the like, send it to me. I will edit the first 10% of your book FREE so you can see if I do what you want.  After that, the editing will only cost you $1 a page. I'm cheap because I enjoy it. 

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